The BCMPA is a trade association with a growing membership of over 180 businesses across the UK who provide outsourcing facilities and services across the supply chain, from manufacturing and packing, to logisitcs and e-commerce solutions.

The task:

To build a strong digital presence that was able to accommodate a wide mix of different types of member companies, and carry that identity through into trade exhbitions, advertising and other marketing collateral to help grow membership and broaden the reach of the association within the industry.

Our solutions:

A website that focuses on a simple site structure and a powerful and flexible search facility, in order to aid the ability of users to shortlist potential outsourcing partners quickly and intuitively. The search includes over 150 terms within 5 categories and regularly achieves over 5,000 visitors per month.

The circular theme plays on the elements within the brand logo to suggest a linked network of skills and services, reflecting the disparate abilities of the member companies. Exhibition graphics are tailored towards specific market sectors through a changing palette of colours and imagery, to strengthen the vertical market while still connecting to the overall brand.